CoQnol (non-GMO Ubiquinol) 50mg 60 softgel


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The body uses two forms of CoQ10. Ubiquinone, also known as the oxidized form, is better known and is used primarily for energy production in the electron transport energy cycle inside the cell. Ubiquinol plays a primary role in decreasing oxidative damage caused by lipid peroxidation within mitochondria. According to research, plasma ubiquinol is decreased in patients with hyperlipidemia.

There is evidence that suggests that the ability to convert ubiquinone to ubiquinol may diminish with age, resulting in diminished protection against oxidative stress and reduced energy levels. CoQnol™ (ubiquinol) may provide a strong initial stage defense against cellular oxidative damage and requires supplementing to maintain optimum health.

Researchers at East Texas Medical Center found that patients with advanced congestive heart failure taking high doses of ubiquinone CoQ10 were not able to achieve adequate improvements in blood serum CoQ10 levels. However, when switched to ubiquinol, blood CoQ10 levels improved dramatically with a consequential improvement in clinical symptoms and left ventricular function.

CoQ10 is also being studied for its effects on TNF alpha, and therefore on inflammation.

Consider taking CoQnol™ along with Q-Avail™ -highly absorbable ubiquinone.

As a dietary supplement, take one softgel per day with a meal, or as directed by your health care practitioner.
Serving Size: 1 softgel
Servings Per Container: 60
Does not contain gluten.

Color, size or shape may appear different between lots.

Kaneka QH™ is a trademark of Kaneka Corporation

CoQnol (non-GMO Ubiquinol) 50mg 60 softgel

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